Salt Glazed Wood Fired Lidded Vessel

Rosser, Arthur
Production date
Circa 1993
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Salt Glazed Wood Fired Lidded Vessel
Production date
Circa 1993
21 x 17.5 cm diam.
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Interpretive text
"We started long woodfirings, as distinct from salt-glaze wood firings, in 1997, and only my anagama fired cylinder is from post-1997. Long wood firings have been our main interest for the past 22 years. We have been very aware of Japanese ceramics since 1971, and that influence can be seen in our salt-glazed pots, even though salt glaze is not popular in Japan. The variable lip on my lidded jar IS reminiscent of the variable lips on some tea bowls, although the jar itself was derived from some lidded jars made by Errol Barnes as vehicles for gas-fired shino glaze in the 70s." -Arthur Rosser Dec 2019
Credit line
Donated by the Pioneer Potters 2005.
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